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Your Unconsious Now

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May. 10th, 2006 @ 03:08 pm
Hi all,

I'm a freelance health reporter for a major national women's magazine. I'm seeking to interview a woman between the ages of 20 and 45 who used self-hypnosis alone to successfully overcome a particular problem in her life – such as losing weight, getting out of debt, improving sleep. The problem you overcame can be almost anything so long as you used self-hypnosis to overcome it.

If you or a woman you know has used self-hypnosis with success and wants to share your story in a national magazine, please send me a brief write-up of your story. Please include the problems you'd had before the self-hypnosis, how you came to try self-hypnosis, how long it took to work and how your problem is today after using self-hypnosis. Please also include your age, name and city/state.

My email is GLichterman[at]aol.com.

Only one story will be chosen. If your story is chosen by my editors, then you will be interviewed by telephone by me and be profiled in the magazine. Your name and photo will appear in the magazine, so you also have to be okay with that.

My editors will pay a modest fee to the woman whose story is chosen and, in most cases, send a professional photographer to take your picture.

I look forward to getting your story!


Gabrielle Lichterman

May. 7th, 2006 @ 09:54 pm
Hi. The overload technique is the only one that works to induce me. It has worked for me thru reading type. Does anyone know where I can find an overload induction script? Preferably free. :) Thank you!

New idea Mar. 9th, 2006 @ 12:10 am
Has anyone of you ever heard something about Budda Machine and the way it relax you? Numerous copies are distributed everyday in USA. What would happen if we combined Budda Machine`s sounds with 3D sacral symbols? Download it from here: You would get amazing thing for meditation and relaxation. May be, this utility will be interesting for practice with hipno...

Download software for viewing from here: http://www.rotor3d.com

Current Mood: creativecreative

Feb. 28th, 2006 @ 09:31 am
For those of you interested in this subject, I came across this article on wikipedia.  I'll be doing an adult hypnosis show at Frolicon this year, as well as moderating a panel on hypnosis with several other luminaries, such as members of the AtlantaExperimentalEroticHypnosis Group including Aaron of onethousand orgasms, Prismfire  and others... Join us!

Sep. 8th, 2005 @ 09:13 am
Funny story.  I was feeling AMAZING, up until my psych class yesterday.  I had to sit on the floor becuase there were too many people.  I started to feel a bit suck then but went on with life as usual.  That night I decided FUCK NO I CAN'T BE SICK, I HAVE PRELUDES TO RUN!  So I downed probably 3 times the normal dosage of nyquil and twice the normal dosage of tylenol sinus.  Well, I had a restful sleep and woke up again... at 6:00AM, where I promptly took another dose of nyquil.  Then I wake up and look at the clock, even the clock on my computer and they say 2:47 PM.  FUCK I say to myself, I missed my only cool class today (the comic, bsically creative writing comedy, its amazing).  Oh well at least he dosen't take attendance, I say to myself after feeling a renewed burst of energy from the nyquil induced coma.  Since preludes don't happen for another 3 hours, I suppose I'll get more sleep.  I nod off for a while and then when I believe sleep cannot be achieved, I take about 3 times the normal dose of dayquil to get me ready for the good amount of preludes at what then I thought was 3:15.  However looking at the clock, it clearly shows that it is 9:05, I checked every clock once again, which is really funny, as I checked every clock the first time.  Now, a normal person might think that the first time was just delerium induced by OD-ing on nyquil and sleeping off my sickness in one night but NOOOOO we all know I am not a normal person.  I... Have discovered the power... TO TRAVEL THROUGH TIME!  I have not yet been able to duplicate this powers effects however I do hope to use it to my advantage in giving me near infinite time for school assignments, and reliving the best parties over and over again.  That being said I am now awake in more than enough time to skip my sociology of medicine and healthcare class, and work on preludes even more.  Tonight is going to whup the llama's ass.
Other entries
» update
Behind the cut is my note to my hypnotherapist after 3 weeks have passed from my July 30th session for weight loss. Please note that I am not "obese," that I only need to lose about 15 pounds- but that for three years I have tried to stop overeating constantly, and overcome my addiction to sweets.

Read more...Collapse )
» x-posted
I just wanted to post that on Saturday, July 30th I will be having a weight hypnosis session with Jackie Kahn, a certified clinical hypnotherapist.

I am so nervous and excited about this... I am really hoping it works. She told me a bit about the process, and how it may work for me. I very open minded, and I do want to work toward my goal, so I hope that will help.

Current weight- 132
Goal Weight- 110.

Anyone who has done this in the past or who can offer any advice/thoughts/opnions, please do! I know I posted something similar to this in the past, but I wanted to update and let you all know I had decided to do it!
» x-posted
Hi all,

I am new to the idea of hypnotism and I am researching a little before I decide to pay for a session at a local hypnotherapy clinic. (link to the clinic below).


Basically I would like to lose about 20 pounds, and the traditional diet and exercise aren't enough. I don't eat much junk and I love healthy regular meals, but I am having problem with time/energy for exercise.

Would hypnotherapy provide assistance with this? It says there is a weight loss program but I dont know what that would entail. Anyone who knows anything on this subject or who has done hypnotherapy before... tell me everything!!!!!!!!!!!
» active imagination
Many of us are interested in lucid dreaming and astral projection. And we search ways to make them more controlled, more useful and more awared.
Here I introduce a method which could give approximately the same results as dreaming, but more quicker and reliable. I don’t claim than it is the best method and it still underconstraction. It is not absolutely new and unique – but not well known. I think it is interesting for many people.

The key ideas of it are:
1. Imagination and common night dreaming are approximately the same function of brain. The difference between them is in brightness and control. Dreams are brighter, but less controlled.
2. Everything you could reach in dreams, you could reach in imagination too.
3. The quality of information you obtain does not depend weather it was dreaming or imagination. It is another mechanism.
4. The deeper you go in imagination (walking in some landscape, for example) the closer it is to dreaming. Pictures became brighter and more stabile. In term of psychology it could be called visual trance.
5. The best results could be obtained then the imagination is produced together with another person. One control process, and one – see. It is impossible while dreaming.
6. The imagination could be passive and active. Passive is then you command it. Active is then you let it be and let it show you what it wants. Originally the “active imagination” was developed by Joung in order to replace dreams analyze of Froid.
7. Each session of active imagination begins from inviting “inner teacher”, spiritual teacher” or “angel” which helps person to go inside and protect him.

I did around 100 sessions to different people mostly with good results and without damage.
The most difficult condition here is to find another person, in who you trust and who agree to help you. And now how. But most people can do A.I. themselves – but it is 10 times weaker.

Here is an instructions for making A.I.

1. Take a responsibility on your self. You are a source of everything in your life.
2. Find quiet place for an hour, switch off the phone and so one. Don’t do it in your bed – you could easily go to sleep. Think about a question you have to the spiritual teacher, or your goal. To have pleasure is a good goal. (Do not expect that past lives will be pleasent if you choose them)
3. Make an image of the see beach and imagine that you are there. Look all around, imagine sounds, clothes and so on. Don’t care about the quality of the picture. It will gradually improve by itself. Some people are very visual and the immediately see the picture. Some people will have only mental images of the landscape. It is not a big difference! It is like a difference between color and BW TV. The message will be the same. Don’t force the images to be like something, but allow them to be as they want.
4. After you get an image of the see beach, walk there for a while. It could take from 1 minute to 30, but 5-10 minutes are usually enough.
5. Invite your teacher in this place. You could imagine a figure coming to you from the distance. Then the teacher came, thanks him and ask his name and his function in your life. In order to receive answers you could make question, and then make your mind calm and wait for any thought in your mind to appear. !!!! If you don’t like anything you met or you don’t no what to do, just command yourself to return back to reality.
6. When the teacher came, ask him (or her!) what he wants to say you before you start.
7. Ask your question. And get the answer or go these a teacher to the specific place. Possible destinations: source of love, source of healing energy, past live, future, source of enlightenment, machine of remote viewing, meeting with dead and other teacher. Believe your feelings, and never do what you don’t want to do.
8. After you feel you are finished thanks the teacher again and say yourself to remember all and feel good and go out.

It is better to write down everything soon – you will remember better. I like to get such recalls and publish the anonymously in this LJ.

Disclaimer. I am a free researcher. I am not a therapist. I can’t resolve all your problems. You have full responsibility of using or not using this method. If you have strong psychological problems, you should ask you doctor before any experiments.

I need your help in my experiments. Thou the problem of dreaming is resolved, but it is not clear how to prove all information you get. The machine of remote viewing is one of the most checkable things. I am interested in any results that could be proved.

I don’t take money for any assistance with A.I. You are free to write me or to call me by phone ( ask it by e-mail) or meet me and have sessions with me. But I am interesting in some kind of advertising and in you trip reports – it will helps me and other english users.

I ask someone to improve my english text, if it is possible 
» Solicitation:
My birthday is tomorrow!!!

And a great present would be to get to know someone who is looking for a subject.(phone,aim,msn) I'd like to hit it off with someone (get to know them first) and team up for sessions.

I seem to be hard to hypnotise, but the confusion technique is wonderful for me. I don't really know if it's called that, the technique where you overwhelm/overload the mind.---where you go real fast and mix up words and phrases. . .

Well, even if I don't find someone to team up with, at least if there's someone who knows what I'm talking about.

» Fishing for Fractionation
I'm looking for some interesting fractionation techniques. Anyone got any they especially like? Thanks in advance!
» Neuro-Programmer + A Script
The Neuro-Programmer is a really handy program letting you combine various binaural beats with a hypnotic script, which you can type in and have read by a synthetic voice that isn't half bad if you spell things phonetically. The full software is $35 but the freeware version offers just enough features to still be quite useful.

Here is a script I've been developing, mostly of an Ericksonian nature. I offer it not as something to be swallowed whole but something to be picked apart for useful ideas. Also, any thoughts or critiques would be appreciated (this goes especially for you, darkfader). The script doesn't really have an end because the Neuro-Programmer loops it for a few minutes before fading out.

The words in boldface were delivered with emphasis. In addition, brief pauses are noted.

brief scriptCollapse )
» Meditation mp3 download
Here is a really nice 7-minute refresher guided meditation from Brain-Sync.
» The Inner Game of Tennis
For any NLPers interested in sports, The Inner Game of Tennis offers a true treasure trove of ideas for scripts and visualization exercises. The various presuppositions in the book can be adapted to almost any sport/performance-related endeavor (I used them for bowling) and would be quite useful to someone learning a sport or a professional caught in a nasty rut. Even if you’re not into sports, there’s plenty of good material in the book's 141 pages. An interesting intersection of Zen and NLP...

Here are a few quotes:Collapse )
» Don't read this...
Don't read this if you're not thinking about why today is the start of something new that you've always wanted. As nonsensical as this sounds, the doubt about validity is a part of normal human existence. If you didn't doubt me, you might notice the positive changes too soon to fully appreciate them. Even as you think, "This guy is nuts", the delight of learning something new, of growing, is planted like a virus. The more you discount the idea, the more it shows you are immune to preventing change. In fact, the less aware you are, the greater your capacity for preventing change from not happening. As the old saying goes, "A word is worth a thousand pictures of successful moments," and there are plenty of words here, even if you did not notice that you just read 139 of them.

'From Milton...'Collapse )

If you didn't read this, you won't not regret it.
» The Reconnection
After having read The Reconnection I was intrigued by the idea of using it as a meditation. I recently wrote up a basic script for this.........teaching the subject how to manifest The Reconnection in trance and use it for self-healing in addition to using for meditation. I don't name it during the hypnosis, but if the client has a particularly positive response to it, I'll give them the name of the book and certainly encourage them to go buy a copy! It was written by Dr. Eric Pearl. I haven't used this on anybody..........yet, but I will on Tuesday and I'm looking forward to it! Anybody familiar with The Reconnection? Any thoughts?
» Tarot and Hypnosis -- Cross Posted here and there
A very good internet friend of mine introduced me to the idea of combining tarot cards and hypnosis. Thanks Luanna! So far, it's been very interesting. I use the Rohrig tarot, usually, when doing this because it's SO incredibly visual and the cards are quite large. I ask the client to choose one to three cards that they identify with. I ask them why, and let them talk. Then, later on, I can incorporate the story or the lesson of the card into their hypnosis session. It also lets me know what's going on in their minds! As their sessions progress I can have them choose cards again to monitor their progress. It's been a great tool!
» Anyone Interested?
I'm sure anyone here can get this in spades from themselves or anyone else, but I was wondering if any lurkers, anyone at all, might be interested in sessions via IM, I'd personally like as much practice as possible. If there would be some interested in such an offer, contact me and we'll see about talking and go from there. ^_^

Thanks, these groups and what they offer rock. It's great to have a resource.
» MP3s, CD's, and Macs
I'd like to start making some MP3's and CD's and the like for my 'subjects' I guess you could call them. Volunteers rather. But I'm not a practitioner, just another person dabbling and learning with some friends, most of which long distance, who started out curious and now love to keep coming back for more ^_^ while I get the benefit for learning. My thing is, I have a Mac computer. I have a mic set. And I want to make these on my comp, hopefully inexpensively. My question is for you experienced in that, what program could I get that would do both CD recordings, wav and/or mp3 files, and possibly give me the flexibility of making my own 'music' as it were for background to give it pulse, flexibility to even perhaps put in subliminal messages, and some of those pulses I've
heard about that go in certian frequencies and rhythms to cause deeper trances, quicker.

Also, for those that do know, any sites and referance information on what these frequencies, pulse rates, and such would be best I'd appreciate. ^_^
» Script Swapping and ready-made scripts

The more I think of ready-made scripts, the more I find out that they're not really what I want.

I have the following problems:

1.) In self-hypnosis, I'm not really working with scripts. More like a general outline that I vary with each "session". I guess I'm in between a "meditation mode" and a "hypnosis mode", switching betweeen silently listening into myself and talking to myself.

2.) I have a strong rejection against anything entering into my head that I didn't create myself. That's why I write my own novels *g*. More seriously... I want to engage in that hypnosis stuff, I want to do it myself.

3.) What I really need is not a complete script, but rather little modules or building blocks to use.

4.) As for sharing.. Well, my mother tongue is german, and to translate everything is a tiring process.

Anyway, I'll try to take part.

» Hypnosis Script Swap
I just created a community for the sole purpose of swapping hypnosis scripts. If you are interested in this, go to http://www.livejournal.com/community/hypnoscriptswap/. My idea is that people can post a brief description of their script, and add a link to it--please do NOT directly post scripts directly at the community. Until recently I was unaware that it's quite easy to post a link to a particular journal entry, so for those tech-challenged like myself who didn't know this, it CAN be done quite easily.

I hope to see you there! I'll be posting my favorite inductions, deepening techniques, and scripts there. I hope people feel free to post their favorites. After all, we hypnotists work really hard on those scripts--or pay really well for them....sems a waste to me not to share them.
» Hypnosis and psychic ability
I have been writing hypnosis scripts (two so far, to be specific) for psychic ability. I use them at our Hidden Abilities meetings for the group meditation. Is anyone interested in them? Before I rudely post those long dang things here, I thought I'd go fishing first. Of course, if anyone wants them--I could send them via email. I'm interested in swapping scripts with other hypnotists, by the way. I put so much work into writing them, after all, it seems a waste when they don't get used more often. I'm cross-posting this in several places, by the way.
» Interesting Quirks
As I've explained before I've just begun dabbling in hypnosis upon a friend, focusing in helping him overcome issues that he's wanted to work on in his own life but felt he couldn't address alone (a defeatist attitude that I always believed was his only barrier to actually getting rid of said self-distructive issues). We, together, have been working on it with some measure of sucess I'm very happy to say, and while he's impatient for further improvement (he's terribly excited about the advances he's made and only noticed a day or two after the behavior has begun to alter itself 'of it's own accord' as it were) he's enjoying himself completely, for the experience as well as the benifits. Something that's become an issue of very reciently though is that he goes to a place where, while he can hear me quite well enough (I know he's not fallen asleep because at this point is where I give the post-hypnotic suggestions, long term and short term, some to happen over the course of the next few weeks to become habit, and some to happen immediately upon awakening, inclinations and the like, and he's proven fairly responsive to those right off) he is unable to respond when I cue him to speak. Never yet, in inntial stages of hypnosis or later on, no matter how I insist, I can't get him to respond. (At first I assumed he'd fallen asleep and wrote it off as that, but since I've tested with above odd results that confuse me). Another thing that's also been becoming an issue of the last few sessions is that I can't wake him. He's perfectly fine, still hypnotized, not asleep (again, learned only through testing, no real outside signs as I've never been able to get him to speak to me), but he responds to no commands, suggestions, loud noises, outside stimuli. It can take up to five minutes of this shouting his name and slamming things around to get him to blink out of it only having 'heard' me once out of all those attempts to wake him. I was alarmed only the first time and considered it a fluke, but the fact that it's becoming an unwanted habit of his hypnotic episodes is bothersome and I feel may be counter-productive, if not simply an annoyance. Has anyone had similiar experiences or have an idea why this might occur?

Another thing is he only really remembers the first time I ever hypnotized him. He seems to be one to have huge gaps in his memory the few after that, and since only has a complete blank from the time he closes his eyes to opening them. I believe this is intefering with his post-hypnotic suggestions being as rigid, powerful, and obvious as they could otherwise be. They're there, but to a much lessened degree that I would expect from the detail I've taken to trying to imact them into his contiousness with pyrimiding, expanding, visualizing, and mere repitition and time. Am I merely not terribly good at phrasing my post hypnotic suggestions? ^^; Or might his amnesiac tendencies actually be subtracting from the trigger's ability to function to it's full extent?

Any insight on how to cure the above nusances would be greatly appreciated by myself and my friend. ^_^ We're both eager to move on to the next level of accomplishment--it's wonderful seeing him even this much improved.
» (No Subject)
Ask and ye shall receive............I'm a hypnotist in Texas. We can't call ourselves hypnotherapists here, not since 01' or 03', anyway, not without TONS of initials after our names. I am starting an in-person psychic abilities workgroup and I'm in charge of the guided meditation. I'm NOT psychic. I have no idea how to write the script. Can anyone give me suggestions or scripts?? I'd be willing to barter for the info, by the way!!! Here is the link to my livejournal psychic workgroup if anyone is interested: http://www.livejournal.com/community/psychicworkshop/. I was looking to see if there were any hypnosis communities at livejournal and voila! There are at least two, I guess, maybe more?!?! I'm cross-posting this on the other(s) hypnosis communities. I hope no one minds.
» What would?
Been away and not posting, but i'm back.

What is everyone interested in learning?

Anyone have a paticular situation that they could use input on?

Indulge your whims and wishes for a moment, if you could do anything with hypnotic/psychological powers, what would it be?
Hi there, this is creator_lw and I am new to live journal. I notice you are interested in many of the same topics I am. I am very interested in hypnosis and NLP and EFT and TFT, NLP and creative visualization. I have been using these techniques on myself and others for many years and am always interested in learning others experiences. If you want, please add me to your friends list and leave some feedback
» NLP and all that!
Well then world! Where shall we start!

First post on this live journal and I stumble upon the 'H' word. I shall keep my eyes on the site to see how things develop, remembering of course that projection is perception!

I would be very interested to listen to your experiences of NLP from both a conscious or unconscious perspective. It wasn't until I attended a recent practioner course that I realised that we 'DO' NLP all the time.

What language has anyone found useful, how do our brains work , when has the programming we've done up there been excellent? I know you will have some interesting comments to make.

How has hypnosis changed your lifes.

I am excited for this board and this makes it a special place.

I look forward to returning to see how you all are.

» Insomnia? kNOw MORE.
An increasingly common problem among otherwise healthy people seems to be difficulty in achieving the sleep state. As hypnosis is the art and science of changing states, it is only proper and fitting that it should have many techniques to enhance and entice sleep of the most restful kind.

May I suggest a few natural, drug free ways to stimulate sleep? As a fellow insomniac I have had all types of tests and sleep studies, and with little avail, until I learned some hypnotic shortcuts.

1. Sound: We all talk to ourselves. Yes, it's true, it's quite natural and can be a great asset to invoking sleep with a simple method. Make the voice in your head talk ina *yawn* sleepy *yawn* tone, gradually getting slower and softer, until you feel yourself dragging toward the bed.

2. Sight: Try (in vein) to keep your eyes open, even when not tired at all... The body has a natural tendency to want to close them if you actively try to keep them open.

3. Foods: Try to quit eating drinking anything with sugar(artificial or real), high carbs or caffeine an hour or 2 before bed. Instead, try snacking on turkey, or having a glass of milk. Cheese is okay, but ice cream isn't.

4. Herbs: Valerian Root and Kava-Kava make a pretty good 1-2 punch. Remember to quit using these for at least one week a month to avoid any side-effects from build-up in the system. This is good for anything ingested daily.

5. Environment: Have a place to sleep and nothing else. Don't read books, talk on phone, or anything other than sex and sleep in this space. It will become an automatic "sleep zone" whenever your not doing the other. ;-) I can also help to have a unique skin sensation that only occurs when ready for sleep. This is most easily accomplished by an odd fabric for your pillow cover. Use this pillow only for sleeping, use a different one if needing to prop yourself up.

6. Feeling: Recall the feeling you had right at the moment of disassociation where you drifted from the waking world, to dreamland. Recall the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth places on your body that the feeling spread to.

You may find yourself sleeping a lot easier that you ever imagined possible. Now I know you feel that would be a wonderful thing. The more you use the techniques, the more they work. Until the mere thought of them will begin the countdown to dream. Sleep and Sweet. Dreams.

» Where do I begin?
Many aspiring (stage)hypnotists wonder where to begin, I know I did. So I did a odd thing. I asked some people who knew.

Here are some helpful comments from idav5d
A great step-by-step guide would be Jerry Valleys Book which is essentially a show in a box. The classic on the subject is Ormond McGills - Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnotism
Pricey... but both worth it.. An old copy of Dave Elmans "Hypnotherapy" on ebay is worth it's weight in gold also... I've adapted his famous 1 min. induction for stage and had some positive results.

Even if you are the best hypnotist/NLP'r alive , you must remember that this is entertainment. So any sort of stage/acting /comedian training you can get will be helpful. Try it at parties, civic clubs, etc. for free and once your all practiced up go for it!
» Returning...
As I mentioned in replying to another post. I am interested in hypnosis and NLP, but I haven't done much of anything with it over the last few years.

I want to go BACK

and I am confident that there are people here who have learnings, and that those learnings can become available for others to learn about.
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