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Blind Date - Your Unconsious Now

About Blind Date

Previous Entry Blind Date Apr. 7th, 2008 @ 10:04 pm Next Entry
You've been set up with a blind date. At first you hesitate although finally agree to meet this mystery woman. As you walk into the lounge, somehow you already being to relax from the tranquil feeling that hangs in the atmosphere.

As you step up to the bar, she's already there waiting for you and more beautiful than you could have imagined. You can't help but stare into her blue eyes. Introductions back and forth, and wait she has something very special she would like to show you.

At least those were the thoughts that went though my mind as created this image. Link: hypnotic graphic

Scene rendered in Poser, post work in Photoshop, and animation created in Flash.
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