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3D Rendering - Your Unconsious Now

About 3D Rendering

Previous Entry 3D Rendering Mar. 15th, 2008 @ 12:50 pm Next Entry
Lately I have found myself a new passion doing 3D rendering. It's quite time consuming but a lot of personal enjoyment to be sure. Most of my renders have been around hypnosis scenes so I've started posting them on my hypnosis spirals site.

Hypnotic Pub is a scene of a bar with a little twist. A gentleman enters the bar and finds the ambiance seems to have a relaxing effect. Naturally he strikes up a conversation with the young woman sitting next to him and soon finds he is really falling for her.

The scene was constructed with Poser. The spirals and the crystal pendulum were created in post work with Photoshop. And the final animation was published in Flash.

Hypnotic Krista is a young free spirit and the scene was designed to have a casual feel. The emphasis on the scene is her fully animated diamond shaped pendant moving back and forth.

Again the scene was constructed with Poser. The pendant and chain were modeled and shaded with Carrara. The animation of the pendant was rendered frame by frame within Poser to maintain the 3D perspective. The final animation being published in Flash.

Goddess Tara is beautiful and sexy in powerful way, she represents desire and control. The scene was designed to bring in elements of the power of nature blended with the power of the character.

As with all my renderings to date this was constructed with Poser. The crystal ball animation was created in Photoshop using multiple layers and filters. And finally the scene was published in Flash.

On the other portion of the site, as of late I have received several comments and  feed back.  That is always a good feeling and inspires me to do more of this sort of work. I have even received  emails from a couple of practicing hypnotists who have told me they have used some of my spirals in their work. That is something that brings me particular satisfaction.
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