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Reminder about Hypnosis Addiction - Your Unconsious Now

About Reminder about Hypnosis Addiction

Previous Entry Reminder about Hypnosis Addiction Oct. 7th, 2007 @ 02:15 am Next Entry
I posted a while back about an eZine dedicated to erotic hypnosis: HypnosisAddiction. The first issue featured Me, so of course I was all about promoting it (lol). Since then, 3 more amazing issues have come out, which feature accomplished people in the erotic hypnosis community, such as Bob and Nikki of HypnoFantasy, EMG of Warp My Mind, and Brian David Phillips of Hypnoticon. Apparently, the next issue will feature hypnosis and mind control author RC of RCwrites.com.

I am writing this entry to remind everyone what an awesome site this is. What is super cool about it is that it focuses on the entire erotic hypnosis community, regardless of gender or D/s status. Until HA, I didn't quite know where to go to find out the going-ons in the erotic hypnosis community, unless it was exclusively FemDom related. This site brings everything together.

And believe it or not, it is one (1) person who designed the site, writes the articles, conducts the interviews, and maintains it all. That's gotta be a lot of work to keep up on, lol.

Anyways, I just wanted to say thanks to "stagehand" for creating and maintaining such a great site, and remind everyone else to check it out and enjoy this fun and informative nook in the web :-)

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Date:November 24th, 2007 11:05 am (UTC)


I agree Lycia.. Stage has done an amzing job putting this site together. Lots of great content, articles, audio and video. Lets hope it grows and grows.
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